Thursday, 24 September 2015

How to remove "Manage Databases" in Odoo? | OpenERP

Your module should also be auto-installable, use the key auto_install in the of your module:
'auto_install': True,
<!-- Templates modified at the web start, before loading of a database. --> <!-- Remove the Manage database link, but keep the Powered by OpenERP-->
<t t-extend="Login">
<t t-jquery="div.oe_login_footer" t-operation="replace">
<div class="oe_login_footer">
<a href="company link" target="_blank">Powered by <span>your Company Name</span></a>
</t> </templates>
'qweb' : [

To remove the Manage database, you'll need to create a file static/src/xml/base.xml:Then you need to load the file in
You can edit the logo or other elements interface too.
You can refer to the file addons/web/static/src/xml/base.xml in openerp-web to see the base templates.